Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I Spent on Vacation

Ok guys here is my recap of what I spent while in Portugal. I was not completely diligent in keeping track of every little thing. This is based on all the receipts I kept from most of my shopping and then some other spending that I specifically remembered. There might be a few little things that I didn't remember but this is basically it. I'm not going to give an itemized breakdown but just a few categories. The conversion is based on an exchange rate of 1 euro =  $1.30 Canadian which is what it was when I left.

Clothes for myself: 180€ ($234)
Souvenirs for myself: 52€ ($67)
Souvenirs for family/friends: 315€ ($410)
Food: 75€ ($98)
Baby shower gift for my cousin: 17€ ($22)
cough medicine: 7.50€ ($10)
whale watching: 32€ ($42)
garden entrance fee: 2.50€ ($3.25)
Dinner and drinks at hotel bar: 13.50€ ($17.50)

grand total: 695€ ($903)

I didn't pay for accommodation or much food. A lot of the food I ate was home cooked, more so than eating out, and most of the money I spent on food was for stuff that I brought home.

Theres a few other random things I spent money on like a few drinks when we were out and stuff but this is most of it. Overall, things were less expensive than I expected and therefore I didn't spend as much as I thought. I saved over $1800 and as you can see I spent about half!! You are probably wondering what will I do with the rest? Well I think I'm just going to leave it because I have my friend's wedding in Mexico in December and considering it's all inclusive I think the remaining $1000 will be enough for that trip. In fact, it's probably more than enough.

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