Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July Glossy Box

1. BeautySoClean Sanitizer Wipes
Full size: 48/$12.50
Sample size: 4 (approx $1.04)

2. Dove Body Wash

3. Zoya Nail Polish

4. Alessandro Heel Rescue Balm
Full size: 100ml/$19.95
Sample size: 30ml (approx $5.98)

5. John Freida Frizz Ease Serum

6. Eucerin Calming Creme
Full size: 200g/$12
Sample size: 5g (approx $0.30)

In terms of "bang for your buck" I was really excited to have 3 full sized products this month. I needed new body wash anyways so it was cool that I didn't have to go buy any, and I'm really into nail polish lately so getting a new one was nice. But the thing I was most excited about was the John Frieda product. My moroccan oil sample ran out and even though I loved it I was glad to get this product to use so I don't have to spend an arm and a leg for a full size moroccan oil anytime soon. 

The one thing that doesn't impress me about glossy box is its always late. I always get it in the first few days of the month AFTER the month it was supposed to be for, which is kind of annoying. I think I'm just going to get one more, and unless its a super amazing box, I'm going to cancel after August. 


Amy Powell said...

I've never heard of the glossy box. Looks like you got some great things in there! Enjoy them :)

<3 Amy

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The Asian Pear said...

Can you please write a review of the Frizz Serum? I keep seeing it in stores and am tempted to try.

hklover86 said...

Sure AP. I'll try to remember to keep using it regularly so I can really form an opinion!