Monday, August 6, 2012

Shopping in Portugal

Being a typical girl, one thing I love to hear about other people's vacations is how the shopping was, so I had to do a post dedicated to the topic for you guys. I would say the best thing about the shopping in Portugal was that the tax is already included in the price.

This is a design of a table runner. I saw it at the farmers market but didn't buy it at first. Then I went back and found it later. It was 20 euros.

These are a bunch of cards with random pictures on them that represent the food, flowers, craftsmanship etc of the Acores. There are 17 in the package. You are actually supposed to cut them out and make a mobile, lol but I'm definitely going to frame them all instead. It was about 8 euros for the pack. 

Little elephant tray. I like to collect little trays and bowls to keep jewelry in. This was 4.50 euros. It is handmade. 

I am constantly seeing white lace-y shorts all over Pinterest lately. These are my version! They are more like a denim short and the front is more like a crocheted material and there is also some on the back pockets. They are from this awesome store called Stradivarius. They were 12.99 euros.

I also got 2 tops from Zara for 9.99 euros each. We do of course have Zara here in Canada but I have only been once and from what I remember it seemed a little pricey. Comparable tops I found on the website were in the $30 range. My cousin and I were talking about it and she said (what I was already thinking) that their prices are better there, even with the exchange because everything is European made. 

I also got this purse at Mango. Again, we have this store in Canada too, although I have never been to one here. Same as Zara, prices seem to be cheaper there. I got this purse for 36 euros. Remember thats tax included. I found it online and the Canadian price is $59.99, and thats without tax!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post, let me know what you think!

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