Thursday, September 27, 2012

A little decorating with Pinterest

Today was a day off for me (sort of). I worked my 4 hour shift at my second job and then I was free for the rest of the day. I decided to FINALLY call Apple regarding my printer not working. When I first got this Macbook about two years ago I literally just hooked up my printer and printed stuff. No downloading anything, no nothing. After I had the hard drive failure and got a brand new hard drive (about a yr ago) and upgraded operating system, my printer no longer worked! So frustrating. Anyways I finally figured I would call them today (don't ask why it took me so long). I was on the phone for quite some time because I had to do a system update which took awhile so while we were waiting the tech girl and I started talking about what tv shows we like. Just as she was emailing me a driver to download for my printer my handset was dying, so she just ended the call by saying download the driver and if it doesn't work call back. But luckily it worked!! I'm so happy to finally have a working printer. 

I have this magnetic white board I got from ikea that sits on my desk that was sort of like an inspiration board. I thought it needed some updating so I printed some various things from Pinterest to put up, including this:

I'm running out of black ink so the font didn't print as good, so I went over it with a metallic Sharpie marker 

And remember these frames?? I finally put one to good use:

Then it was time to watch something I've been quite excited for, Grey's Anatomy. Unfortunately I was thoroughly disappointed by this season premiere! I felt the whole first half of the episode was a huge time waster and nothing was really explained in this episode. It was kind of just left up in the air for us to wonder about. In next weeks preview it looks like they will flash back to the plane crash and we will finally know the details but I feel like that should of happened in this episode! Not cool Greys, not cool. 


The Asian Pear said...

Is that your frame, vase and globe? That looks so editorial! Good job! It looks great!

ARGH! Don't get me started on Grey's Anatomy!! I was so sad to see Mark Sloan go. I mean... I knew it might happen with him not signing back but I thought Mark would LIVE. And Arizona... So sad. ;___;

hklover86 said...

Thanks AP and yes its all my stuff! And its all thrifted! :)

I know in my opinion Mark was the hottest guy on the show and I really really liked him. Ugh. Not impressed.