Friday, September 14, 2012

Major Shopping Haul..and how waiting can pay off!

So in the last couple of days I have done some major shopping! On Wednesday I went to a major outlet mall called Vaughan Mills. This place is HUGE. The first couple hours I was there I had only gone to like 2-3 stores. I spent over an hour for sure in Forever 21 which is where I bought the most stuff. I was looking for a few summery items for my Mexico trip in December and also wanting a few items for fall that are work appropriate. And the major thing I was looking for was fall boots!

Top Left: Forever 21 top, love the colour and I love that style of shirt. 
Top Right: Banana Republic top, on clearance for $11.99!!
Bottom Left: sales at Walmart!
Bottom Right: Forever 21 skirt. For mexico!

I also got some black dressy pants and a yellow cardigan and a dress from Forever 21 as well as some jewelry. I got another pair of khaki type pants from Banana Republic that were regular $80 and on clearance for $17!!

The best story here though is my boots. I was looking some nice brown boots that were like knee height or just below. I was finding it hard to find boots that would go over my calves! And I'm an average sized girl! Where do plus size girls buy boots?! Anyways I found a pair I really liked that were Steve Maddens but they were $125 which was a little much for me. Then I found another pair at Naturalizer that I really loved the look of but they had a small heel and I was really looking for a flat boot. So I left the mall with no boots. 

The next day I was still thinking about those Naturalizer boots. I was actually regretting not buying something. When that happens you know that you need to get that item! LOL So I decided to go to another outlet mall thats only like 20 mins away and I knew they had a Naturalizer store. I decided to check out the mall's website to see if there was any promotions going on. Turns out there was! There was this promotion where you donate $1 that goes towards breast cancer and you get a coupon for 25% any one item from a list of stores and you bet that Naturalizer was on the list! And the best part is, you can purchase as many coupons as you want!!! So I went straight to the customer service when I got to the mall and got the coupon and then I went to the store and found that exact same boots from the previous day and I got them :) Regular $89.99 but 25% off! 

Then my mom and I were strolling by Danier Leather and saw they were having a sale so we went inside. We both walked out with a jacket! I definitely was not planning to get one but I got a great deal! It was originally $300 plus tax and I got it for about $160 plus tax so about half the price. I have always wanted a leather jacket and this one just looked so good on me that I had to get it.

Then today I stopped at Walmart after work because they were having their anniversary sale and there was a few things I wanted to pick up. I got another Maybelline Baby Lips, the new Maybelline BB cream that I have been hearing good things about, a nail polish and another red lipstick for my collection. The BB cream was only $7.98 and the other items were $3.88 each. 

Anyways thats my major shopping haul what do you guys think?

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