Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Well big news folks. I finally, at the age of 26 got a copy of my credit report. I found out you can call Equifax Canada and request it through at automated system without even having to talk to anyone! It was super easy and it came in a few days. And everything looks good. So then I decided to go online and get my credit score. Too bad you can't just get your SCORE. You can only get your credit report AND score together for $23.95. So what's the point of getting your free credit score, if you have to then pay just to see it again?! Wasted my time getting it for free then. I checked Equifax and TransUnion and neither site has an option to see your score only. If one knows of some secret way to do this please let me know. LOL

So I've got a big exam this Saturday and I'm feeling a little jittery about it. Here's why: I feel like I should be burying my nose in a book studying. Only thing is, when I look at the exam outline to see whats on's not really like study and memorize type of stuff. It's more about professionalism, how to handle a situation and stuff I encounter in the workplace everyday. But I still feel like I should be studying. Ugh....

Today after work I went to Marshalls because I needed new bras. Since losing 20 lbs, they just don't fit the same anymore. I ended up getting 3 bras including a Tommy Hilfiger, a Calvin Klein and one other cheaper brand. All were under $17! Then I ended up getting some body stuff.

I needed a new hand cream to carry around anyways and for $3 I figured what the hell. Also, I've never been to Maui but I figure it would smell like that body butter! It's called Pineapple and Orange Macadamia. It smells heavenly.

The other day I got my "August" glossy box (arriving in Sept). It is my last one as I have cancelled the subscription. One of the main reasons that I cancelled was because they were always late. I also have so many of these beauty box items that it's a little out of control seeing as there's only been a few that I've actually used up! I'll do a post on this one soon.

They are changing our pay periods at work which is a little inconvenience. Basically I have no idea why but we are getting a one week pay check and then another one two weeks after that. So our pay periods are basically on opposite weeks of what they were. So tomorrow I'm getting a pay check for ONE weeks pay which has to last me TWO weeks. I do still have money left over from the last pay which is good though. But I can't decide if I want to just put that towards my car loan or save it incase I need it in the next two weeks. Ever since I started putting extra money towards that loan, it's making me more and more motivated to just pay it off! I can't wait to be able to say that I am truly debt free!!!

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The Asian Pear said...

Yknow I have yet to walked into a Marshalls. I'm told it's exactly like a Winners but the closest to me is OH SO far away (okay, not really, I'm just lazy to bus there.). That's pretty good pricings for all under $17.