Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall into Fall Swap Goodies!

My partner was Joy from Redirected Dreams

Here are my goodies!
Some cinnamon spice tea, a thing to put around my coffee cup (i forget what they are called) which is fabulous because just the other day I was getting a mocha and I forgot how hot Tim Hortons stuff is and had to get it double cupped! You fellow Canadians know what I'm talking about! It's like, boiling hot! Also some Smashbook stuff!!! Haven't seen any of those at my local Michaels so the states must have more accessories than we do. 

Oversize paper clip and fancy pin and look at that cute little thing! I'm going to keep it on my desk. Also some Amaretto flavoured lip balm (smells delicious) and Apple scented hand sanitizer.

Thanks so much to Joy for all my goodies and I hope you enjoyed yours too! 

Incase you were wondering what I got for her:
-gingerbread candles
-Balea face wipes (Shoppers Drug Mart)
-Quo nail polish (Shoppers Drug Mart)
-starbucks gift card
-Coffee crisp minis (supposedly not avail in USA)


eLLah said...

nice goodies! (lol did I make sense?) :D

The Asian Pear said...

It's a coffe cup sleeve!

I have one too. I love it.

hklover86 said...

thanks Ellah!

AP: I love it! I used it once so far when I got Tim Hortons, you know how hot their stuff is! now I don't have to get it double cupped anymore, less waste :)