Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mexico Recap

I'm back from Mexico and ready to tell you guys all about it! I will do a quick recap and show you guys some pictures and then I will give you a breakdown of the costs in another post.

So as you might already know, the reason I went to Mexico was because I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding. She is a girl I went to college with and even though we live almost 6 hours apart, we are very close and talk almost every day.

 So we went to a 5 star resort in Cancun for 7 nights. Overall the resort was very nice. The rooms and the common areas were really nicely decorated and the beds were super comfortable. The service was generally excellent, especially the bartenders. The only thing that wasn't superb was that we were supposed to get a $50 room credit which took them forever and also a free bottle of champagne in each room that we didn't get until almost the end of our vacation (which I packed in my luggage to bring home!).  

There were 6 places to eat. There were 2 fancy restaurants that you needed a reservation for, 1 a la carte that was no reservations, 2 buffet restaurants and 1 small buffet snack area which barely counted cause it had super greasy gross food. Overall the food was very good (minus that one place). The fancier restaurants didn't have a huge selection, but what I did try was really good and the 2 buffet places had tons of food, and I stuffed my face.

Overall we did a lot of eating, relaxing on the beach, and of course drinking. Most nights ended with all of us at the lobby bar because it was open the latest. We did a day trip on a catamaran to an island called Isla Mujeres. It included snorkelling, a buffet lunch and unlimited alcohol on the boat, and some time to roam the island. We rented golf carts and drove around a bit which was really fun and the lunch we had there was one of the best meals of the trip!

Stepping onto Isla Mujeres

Souvenir shop

View from the boat

We also went to a huge club called Coco Bongo. This was the highlight of my trip. It was unlike any bar or club I have ever seen before. Picture yourself in a stadium where the bottom is the dance floor, and thats basically what this club was like. You enter the dance floor and look up to see rows upon rows of people above you, and a stage on one side. They put on various dance shows like Phantom of the Opera and Chicago. There was a Michael jackson sequence, a Madonna number and also they had a Tron fight scene, Spiderman vs Green goblin, etc. It probably sounds crazy and maybe even a little cheesy, but that was the point, and I loved it!! The bouncers invited myself and the girls I was with to dance on the bar, which was where we danced most of the night, because there was more space to dance on the bar then on the floor.

Despite all the bad talk about Mexico, I never once felt unsafe, even off the resort. Even in Coco Bongo (which holds 1800 ppl according to their site) I felt totally safe because it was crawling with security.

Now onto the wedding! The wedding went really well. Everything went smoothly during preparation except neither of us bridesmaids really liked our hair! Other than that everything was fine. The bride was very calm during the whole thing and there was no cold feet or freak out moments. The speeches got everyone tearing up especially when the grooms mom spoke of his father who is no longer alive, and the food was to die for. The DJ played great music and every song we requested, he had.

Overall I really had the time of my life on this trip and I would definitely go again!!

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Nice. Sounds wonderful. I've never been to Mexico before!