Monday, December 17, 2012

The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

As my regular readers know, I recently came back from a destination wedding in Mexico, as I was a bridesmaid for one of my closest friends. I've decided to do this post totalling up all the costs, because I'm sure some of you are wondering. I really never kept complete track of it nor did I keep receipts so a lot of it is strictly from memory, but I do have a pretty good one!

Ok here is the list!

Bridal Shower:
$100 (did not actually attend, but emailed her mom and BFF money)

$50 decorations
$200 paid back to her sis and BFF after the fact to help cover some of their costs
$100 approx.- gas for drive to Ottawa

$1269 vacation package
$104 cancellation insurance
$30 clinic fee for travel consultation
$35 Dukoral prescription
$25 havrix prescription

Dress: $180
Bra: $36 (had to buy a special bra to go with the dress since almost my whole back was exposed)
Hair $50
Waxing: $52
Nails: $15
The bride gave me a gift card for a shellac manicure, I paid extra $5 to upgrade to french and then I gave $10 tip. For jewelry I wore my own earrings, a necklace I borrowed from my mom and a bracelet that was also given to me by the bride for the wedding.

Dress: $45
Shoes: $62
Flight to Ottawa: Free. (paid for by her husband, she doesn't know I'm coming!)

Total Cost: $2353

Holy crap. That's a lot of money!!! It wasn't all strictly to benefit her though. I mean, I did get a vacation out of it. I got a trip to Mexico with one of my best friends and I had the time of my life. My bridesmaid dress is one of those convertible dresses that you can wear like 15 different ways so I will definitely be keeping it for future summer events and may wear it again. I didn't NEED to get those prescriptions but its better to be safe than sorry and now I'm protected for years. Overall, yeah I did spend a LOT of money and I kinda can't believe I spent that much. It didn't seem like that much because  it was spread out over a long period of time, so I wasn't thinking about the big picture. Do I regret it? Not at all. She's one of my closest friends, and I know it meant a lot to her to have me be a part of it.


The Asian Pear said...

When my BFF got married, I was the Maid of Honour. I spent tons too. But like you, it didn't matter. It was my best friend and she was getting married! I was so thrilled for her. Money is just money and that can be reearned. :)

hklover86 said...

Yeah its worth it to see one of your closest friends so happy! Also its not like it put me into debt or anything.