Thursday, March 14, 2013

Operation Move Out

If you visit my blog regularly you know I have mentioned a few times about moving out on my own. The main reason that I am planning to move out is simple: it's time. Im 26 years old, with no debt to speak of and finally in a position financially where I feel that I can be comfortable on my own. Also I have a more personal reason, being that as I get older I find myself increasingly more aware of my parents relationship, how they treat each other and how they live in general. I believe it affects me in a negative way, in how I view relationships and marriage. I hope that by being on my own I can escape their influence and be happy in a relationship someday. 

So anyways, my plan is to move out by the beginning of June or July. I'm lucky in the sense that I don't have a deadline because I don't have a current lease that is ending or anything so I don't have to rush. I can take my time to find the perfect place. I am leaning towards a basement apartment because a lot of those tend to have everything included in the rent. With an actual apartment in an apartment building, you sometimes have to pay a utility on top of the rent, not to mention cable/internet/phone. Speaking of phone, one thing someone mentioned that I hadn't thought of, was to make sure I get reception on my cell phone if I am not planing on getting a land line. Good point!

I check Kijiji almost every day, to get an idea of whats out there. Even though everything that's out there right now is going to rent either immediately or next month, I just like to see what I can get for my money and also by checking regularly, I will be able to recognize the places that are always available (aka nobody wants them). 

In terms of price what I am hoping to find is a 1 bedroom basement apartment for $800-$850 per month including everything (utilities/cable/internet/parking/laundry etc). In my city, it is definitely possible. I have already seen a few places that fit the bill, but the landlords needed them rented right away. I could maybe go up to $900 if it's a place I really really love. But I am hoping for $850 max. I have already starting savings for the move. I am confident I can save about $3000 to $4000 savings for this to use for first and last months rent, and buying whatever furnishings I need. 

I am planing to buy as many things used as possible! Im going to be checking thrift stores and kijiji regularly and as soon as the nice weather starts, garage sales too. The one thing that I am planing to splurge on (meaning buying it new or almost new) is a sectional. I have a specific look in mind that I want and that's going to be my splurge. Also I might buy a tv new, if I can find a really good sale. Everything else I hope to get used or super cheap new. 

Here is a list I've made of what I will need:

-food processor
-slow cooker
-pots and pans
-mixing bowls and baking pans
-dining table
-placemats, dish cloths, tea towels etc
-garbage can

Living Room:
-couch (sectional preferably)
-tv and tv stand
-coffee table
-end tables

-bath mat and shower curtain

-cleaning and laundry supplies
-laundry bin

I also hope to get a large bookshelf (think those big ikea ones) and a chaise lounge chair to make a little reading area, if I have space. It's not a need but a want. I'm sure I've forgotten a lot, if you guys think of more ideas or just any tips in general let me know!


Northern Living Allowance said...

Some advice from a seasoned renter? First - don't just look online at these places, go and see some. Photos are deceptive and don't necessarily show you low ceilings, narrow hallways, dark bedrooms, etc. It will also give you a chance to question why someone is charging $XX for that space. Remember, just because the place LOOKS nice, doesn't mean there could be plumbing/electrical issues, funny/mouldy smells, noisy landlords, barking dogs, etc. You need to visit them.

Second - don't plan your furniture until you've got a place you like. And when you go to get your furniture, make sure you've measured your space and the stuff will fit a) through the doors, and b) in the space properly. You can never change the size of your space! :)

Third - Don't rush. As you say, you're not in a hurry, so find one that makes you feel comfortable, with landlords that make you feel comfortable.

It's such a great thing to live on your own and I'm looking forward to hearing how things go for you! Good luck!

hklover86 said...

Oh I am definitely going to look at the places for sure! Not sure if I somehow gave off the impression that I'm not, but I will. Just for right now Im just checking online to see whats out there, but once it gets closer to when I want to move and people are actually starting to post places for june/july thats when I'll be getting down to business! And good point about not getting furniture until I find a place and take the measurements, I had actually thought of that but didn't mention it.

Thanks for your support and I'll definitely keep you guys updated :)

The Asian Pear said...

Don't forget to save some some extra money for emergencies.

As for what to buy... I noticed that you don't have anything in terms of bedroom stuff? Are you bringing that from home? If not, you'll need to budget for matress and bedframe (maybe boxspring & headboard too.) Oh. And bedding.

Some additional things off the top of my head as my brother has just bought a new condo and moved out too:

- vaccum/mop/broom
- lamps/lighting
- bookcases (if you have lots of books)
- desk and chair (if you use a desktop)
- toaster
- kettle
- iron & ironing board
- shoe rack or shoe mat (for wet shoes especially)
- hangers
- dining chairs (as you only listed table)
- bathroom accessories (not neccessary but sometimes ppl like to have a nice cup, toothbrush holder, etc)
- curtains (depending on the location they might not have anything
- tupperware (for packing lunches and storing leftovers)
- general restocking of kitchen items (this is stuff we use and it doesn't actually cost much but you'll need to buy new everything so that'll cost a bit... That's like sugar, salt, pepper, seasonings, ketchup, mustard, etc)
-wireless router (if you plan to have wifi, you'll need to budget this too)

That's all I can think of for now...

hklover86 said...

AP - I already have an emergency fund. Hoping not to dip into it at all which is why I want to save for first/last months rent on top of that.

I already have all bedroom stuff including a desk and small bookcase, and hangers I've got lots of them :)

You did mention a few things I hadnt had on the list or just forgot about so thanks!

as for stocking the pantry I have thought of that I just forgot to mention it in my list. I've got some walmart gift cards, shoppers optimum points, air miles etc that I am saving up and planning to use for that purpose :)