Saturday, March 23, 2013

Things I Just Can't Get Into

You know those things that it seems like everyone is into, and you just don't get it? Well Amy made a list on her blog and I loved the idea so I had to make one too!

-ultrasound photos on Facebook
-oversharing on facebook
-those stupid pictures that say things like "Like this photo and this girl will be cured of her disease" or something equally as ridiculous.
-angry birds
-dancing with the stars
-super heavy oversized sweaters
-jean jackets
-the zombie craze
-the whole mustache thing
-soup diets

Ok now I want to hear yours!


The Asian Pear said...

haha. cute. let's see...

- Girls (the tV Show)
- Pretty Little Liars
- cleanse diets
- Twilight
- Hunger Games
- Facebook
- the Longchamps bag (seriously it's $200 for a polyester bag?!?)
- the grumpy cat meme (actually most internet photo memes)
- Any of those monthly product subscriptions (like MyGlam, Glossybox, Birchbox, Popsugar, etc)
- Ugg boots

hklover86 said...

Oh but you just listed so many things I enjoy! Except i dont do cleanse diets either, and I dont know of the longchamps bag...I'm going to google it. lol

Morgaine said...

-All reality tv shows (except Big Brother)
-Coach purses
-Ugg boots (they were never meant to be worn outside!!!)
-skinny jeans (they look HORRIBLE on me!!! I have hips!)
-hipster music (i.e. Fun, Mumford and Sons, Arcade Fire)
-Agree with the oversharing on Facebook - especially those with kids who share and show pictures of every little thing there kid does.
-Farmville and other such "time-waster" games
-Harry Potter