Sunday, April 14, 2013


It has been a while since I've really updated you all on what is happening with me, so here's a bunch of random bits.

- I met a boy. It happened when a bunch of us from work went out to the bar on easter weekend. I went to say hello to one of the guys from work and he had brought his friend along. I ended up hitting it off with his friend. There was a lot of dancing and doing shots and general shenanigans. I hadn't had a night out like that in a long time, so it was super fun and really quite what I needed. So far since then we have gone on 2 dates and right now he's on vacation so I haven't seen him recently. I'm not sure where it is going but I do anticipate seeing him again when he is back from vacation.

- I had to buy 2 new all season tires for my car. This was an unexpected expense which kinda bummed me out, but I realized that these things happen from time to time and there is not much to be done about it. And luckily I have an emergency fund for these purposes. And hey, at least I didn't need 4 tires right?

- I've been checking kijiji like a mofo for apartments. So far there was 2 that sounded good that I have contacted the landlords about. One I think I've basically ruled out mostly because of the fact that it's $850 plus internet which I feel is too much over my budget, and it's on the complete opposite side of town. Apartment number 2 looks super nice in's a ground level basement which is great, and it has a double sided fireplace and from the one picture it looks like built in shelving in the living area. This one is listed for $925 (including EVERYTHING) which is over my budget but they said they might consider lowering it for the right person and it's in the area of town I like. But it's a retired couple which is of slight concern. I will probably email back to see about going to look at it, and see where that leads. It is still slightly early to be finding places for a june/july move in date so I am not too worried yet.

- So far I have $1986 saved for the move-out.

- I need to go to the dentist and also get my eyes tested and get new glasses. I have been putting it off mostly because of the cost, and now especially since I had to get new tires. It seems all these things happen at once eh? But it really needs to be done. I haven't gone to the dentist in a long time, and I haven't had my eyes tested since 2010 and sometimes after working 8 hours my vision starts to blur a little.

- I got invited to a gala this coming weekend with some other pharmacy people I know, so I will basically get to dress up and get free dinner, drinks and a concert. I'm so down for that!

- I got my car insurance renewal statement and it's going down again by $13 per month!

- I can't wait for the warm weather to be here permanently so I can start wearing my cute shoes and my mint jeans and hopefully be more motivated to go running more often. Speaking of exercise, I did return to hot yoga finally for the first time since before Christmas. I just about died. But afterwards I felt so good, which was no surprise!

Anyways, that's what is new with me lately..and I figured I would end the post with a few things from Pinterest. 

Totally want to try this recipe sometime!

So gorgeous! (source not found on Pinterest)

SO TRUE. Mostly because this happened to me as a child once. 

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The Asian Pear said...

oooh. a gala? how fancy! what are you going to wear? =D

Do you know what neighbourhood you want to live yet? It'll help with narrowing your apartment search too.