Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Musings

Here is another post of random updates on what is going on in my life!

So I signed up for a 5k run...because apparently I have a death wish. Just kidding, its the ColorMeRad 5k!!

 It's not a super serious thing, and nobody times you or anything. I'll let you in on a little secret (and I'm totally 100% NOT ashamed of this). I'm one of those people that will sometimes just do something for the sake of being able to say I did it. This was one of those things. My friend told me that she and some of her friends were signed up and suggested I join their team. I checked out the website and thought to myself "Ain't no way I'm missing out on this!" and promptly signed myself up. It was $50 and it goes towards the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. It actually looks like and I encourage you to sign up if it is coming to a city near you!

I got my hair cut...

While I was drunk.

A friend of mine had a hair stylist come to her house and invited me over for us both to get our hair done and have a little girls night. Which is how I found myself drunk at 7PM on a weeknight, getting my hair cut. Luckily it turned out just fine and was the cheapest hair cut I've ever gotten!

Last night I watched Zero Dark Thirty. I found it to be a bit slow moving and a lot of times I felt lost. But it was one of those movies I just had to see. Afterwards I didn't really have any strong feelings about it. I didn't NOT like it, but I wouldn't say I really liked it was just kind of like "hmmm so thats how it went down..ok".

Speaking of movies, I've got a date with my boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio on May 10th!!!

Also...have you seen previews for that movie called The Purge?! It looks super creepy. I'm not going to post the trailer because it's rated R and I'm afraid it will break some blogger rules or something. It reminds me of the Hunger Games a little bit. 

The other day I went to check out Target. My first impression was that it's just like a Walmart only a slightly higher quality and therefore a little more expensive. Which is fine with me because if I wanted Walmart pricing I would just go to Walmart. They had a lot of nice clothes but what really struck me was the home section. REALLY nice stuff in there. I even saw the x-bench that  Hannah mentioned in her blog, but not at the clearance price that she got them for, I think they were around $50 each. They are so gorgeous. I was really disappointed though, because the entire Sonia Kashuk section was totally empty. They had some brushes and that was it. I had heard that some stores didn't have everything in stock yet because it was only a "soft opening", but I am fairly certain they already had the "grand opening" so it's really not acceptable in my opinion. 

I've stumbled across this link up called Blog Every Day in May. I found it on this blog. The writing prompts look interesting so I think I am going to join up. I can't promise to do every single one, but I'm going to try to do most of them :) I hope some of you guys will do it too! 

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