Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Every Day In May: Day 7

The Thing(s) You're Most Afraid of:



-when people try to get you to taste some weird food and you don't know what's in it

-you know that show "I didn't know I was pregnant?" yeah. that. 

-right now I'm afraid of not finding a place of my own in the time that I want to move out. I mean, I don't have to rush, but I want to get out.

-this quote here sums of a big fear of mine. Basically I'm afraid I will never find love again :(

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Anonymous said...

a friend and I were just talking about that show about people who didn't tknow that they were pregnant... this is going to sound super judgmental but honestly I fear for all the aspects of those people's lives. If you can carry a child to term or near to term and don't notice this huge change in your body, something is seriously off... ughhh *shudders*

and about the love stuff, I won't come on here with an empty phrase like "oh you'll find somebody", because nobody can guarantee that. What I will say is that you'll have a fabulous life no matter what because you seem like a very smart and consicentious person. There are no guarantees in life but you have a great foundation of yourself to rely on. Also, our luck in love, money, career etc usually has turns. For example, a gf of mine had never had a serious bf as an adult, she's dated a plenty, but just never met anyone that was willing to treat her well like she deserves, the guys would never commit to a relationship and it was mostly physical. Then one day in her late 20s, she met a guy on Lavalife and they fell for each other, they're married now and are expecting a baby. Then I have friends who had a beautiful courtship, fairy tale wedding and a dream house, only to be disappointed by an absent and neglectful husband. All this is to say - nothing is guaranteed, what looks to be one way on the surface may not be (or at least may change), and you already have a great life so take comfort in that and know that things usually work out for the best :)