Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Get The Most Benefits From Rewards Credit Cards

The following is a guest post by Gary P. from LowestRates.ca

In Canada, there are dozens of credit cards that offer rewards in the form of cashback, travel points, or through the new service Plastiq – as reported by LowestRates.ca – the chance to pay taxes.  There are dozens of potential benefits available by using a rewards credit card, and the opportunity to delay paying money to the government is always a handsome reward.
However, not all credit cards include rewards benefits, and if you’re interested in getting something back for charging your purchases, you should consider acquiring a rewards credit card.  Canada’s major banks offer dozens of credit cards and many do carry rewards, but you shouldn’t necessarily stick with your typical bank for a new card.  Banks rely on customers who are afraid to take their business to an institution other than their longtime bank, and as a result, people don’t realize that they have other, more affordable options.
Thanks to technology, you can find the best credit card offers from some of Canada’s leading providers.  There are now online comparison sites like LowestRates.ca that help you compare various cards, credit limits, rewards, and interest rates all in one place.  This way, you save plenty of time finding the right credit card for your unique needs, and translate that saved time into lower payments and higher rewards.
The online comparison is a valuable service because it helps people select the best credit card without outside interference.  All too often, people are pressured by banks and creditors into accepting policies and interest rates that the institutions deem fair and affordable, which don’t necessarily reflect the personal needs of the credit card applicant.  Credit card comparison sites put the control back in the hands of the applicant, and helps people find the greatest rewards at the lowest cost.
The evolution of technology over time offers Canadians new rewards and benefits for their credit cards.  The ability to pay taxes through Plastiq and comparing all credit card offers in one convenient location are the latest in a line of improvements for hard working citizens to live comfortably by paying less money.


Liquid said...

That's cool how we can compare credit cards using online tools these days. Getting a rewards card is something everyone should do because it's better than nothing. Mine gives me a small cash amount back on every purchase I make :D Are you going to start blogging everyday in May again? I didn't know if something happened, hope it's all good (^_^)

hklover86 said...

Yeah and I acutally think that Plastiq site is pretty cool how it allows you to use your credit card for things you normally can't, allowing you to get the rewards.

No sadly I just kinda gave up on BlogEveryDayInMay. Just couldn't really keep up and some topics didnt really interest me.

Dolan@NCA Partenaires said...

Use the rewards card for ALL normal spending, replacing cash, cheques, and other debit, credit and charge cards.