Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big Savings at Old Navy!

One thing I have realized lately is that I hardly buy anything at full price anymore. Why would you, when you know that if you wait a few weeks, the items you want will be on sale? One of my favourite stores is Garage Clothing, which seems to be getting more pricey lately, but this store is a classic example of why you should wait for things to go on sale. I know if I see something I like but I don't want to spend that much, I just wait a few weeks and then its on sale. If it doesnt sell out that is. The only bad thing about the sale racks is that its harder to find my size, it seems all thats left sometimes is Xtra Small! It's really all about timing.

Today my mom and I went to Old Navy. I havent been there in a long time and sometimes I like to check it out because you can get thing different from what you would find at the mall. Well today I got some great sale items.

I got a great leopard print take top for $8.49 that was regular $17.50, an animal print cardigan for $14.49 that was regular $32.50 and another tank for $12 regular $17.50. I also bought flip flops, that were $5 each but 2 for $8. So of course I bought 2 and saved 2 bucks.
Total savings today: $34.52!
Pretty good i'd say!!

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