Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting a new savings account!

After doing some research online with regards to savings accounts, I'm pretty sure I'm going to open up a savings account with ING Direct. My current savings account at TD Canada Trust is 0.05%!! Thats pretty much nothing. I have been saving a lot lately now that I am making a somewhat half decent wage and all my savings is sitting there not getting any interest. The only other savings account that gets higher interest is 2.25% and thats for a $5000 minimum. If you have less than that you don't get any interest. And 2.25% is the highest it goes.
With an ING Direct savings account I would get 3% interest! And there is no minimum, no fees or service charges. You can enroll online or over the phone, then you send them a cheque in the mail written to yourself for your first deposit, which automatically links your checking account to your ING savings account for future deposits.
I'm still going to use the same bank for day to day banking but I think I should atleast put my savings somewhere where it will grow, even if its only a bit. Every little bit counts, and 3% is the highest rate I have seen so far. They also have a great mutual fund account I am thinking about.
What do you guys think? Anyone have one of these ING savings accounts?? What are your thoughts on this?


Dolly Iris said...

I have an ING savings account and I really like it. I was able to set it up really easily and transferring money usually takes 2 days. Every month I log into to see how much interest I have made. I find their site SUPER easy to use. I set up an automatic savings withdrawal for $100/mo and had to cancel because of some financial hardship but it was so easy to cancel. It took literally two minutes online to do.

Anyway, if you do decide to sign up I have a Canadian referral link. If you sign up with a minimum of $100 dollars you and I would both receive a $13 bonus. Let me know if you are interested.

Dolly Iris said...

my bonus code is: 17037983S1

If you use it I would appreciate very much and yes both of us get $13 with a minimum $100 first deposit.

It's a great promotion!