Friday, September 26, 2008

My First Speeding Ticket

This past weekend I got my first speeding ticket! I am actually pretty lucky because I was going pretty fast ( 30 km/h over the limit) but because I have a perfect record they knocked it down and it only ended up being $40. So I was really not too concerned about a $40 ticket. And the cool part is you can now pay them online, so I put it on my Visa and I paid the Visa off already so thats all over now.

On the plus side, I got a 25 cent raise. woo hoo! Not really a big deal but I guess every little bit helps right? I am soon going to be getting another raise once I finish a course at work. The only bad part is the raise didn't start until just recently so on my paycheck there is only 1 day at my new rate but oh well, its only 25 cents. Another sucky part about this paycheck is that I had to take a day off to go to the doctor so theres 1 day worth of pay gone, so this one is a bit lower than normal.

So what's the biggest speeding ticket you've ever gotten? Leave me comments I want to hear about them!


Anonymous said...

it was years ago and I don't remember the amount only that coming off the highway after a long drive home for Florida to a 4 lane road speed limit 50 me doing 70 or 80 and getting caught. When I got home I saw the headlines in that days paper

"Police to launch radar blitz against speeders"

no kidding

hklover86 said...

lol thats pretty bad!