Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cool site for Canadians!

Just wanted to tell everyone about this website I found! It's called Well.ca. It's basically an online drugstore, kind of like drugstore.com only its based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It's basically got all the same stuff you can find in a drugstore like makeup, vitamins, skin care etc. It's also got a whole "Green and Natural" section. In this area you can find a list of brands that are labelled as "natural", "organic", or "vegan" and lots of them are Canadian.

And the best part of this whole site...FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN CANADA. And there is no minimum order either!

They also ship to the states, and Americans can also get free shipping on orders of $99 CAD or more.

I think this website looks really cool. This would be the first place I would think of if I am wanting to try out some new organic or natural products.

What do you guys think? Did you know about this site? Anyone ordered from there before?


Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing :)

Alex said...

Hi, I'm Alex, the Community Director for Well.ca. Thanks so much for the great post about our store, I'm happy to hear that you're a fan of our free shipping! :)

If you ever have any suggestions or questions feel free to drop me a line (alex[at]well.ca), I'd love to hear from you.