Monday, August 31, 2009

August Recap


Income: $1320/$1655.53


Rent: $200/$200
Car payments: $236.48/$236.48
Insurance: $215.33/$215.33
Gas: $70/$70.01
Groceries: $60/$74.54
Makeup and personal stuff: $50/$134.60
Clothing: $75/$71.75
Eating out: $50/$90.70
Food at work: $50/$17.19
Going out: $35.19/$39
Emergency fund: $100/$100
Investments: $50/$50
Misc: $60/$98.63


So I definately spent a lot this month but I also had some extra money because I got a late birthday present (money) and I sold some stuff on kijiji. This basically gave me spending money for my trip which was nice because I didn't have to really worry about spending on my trip. Another great thing is that even though I was driving about 6 hours there and back I still was right on budget for gas. This car was definately a good purchase!!!

# of days I brought lunch to work: 13
# of no spending days: 8


Anonymous said...

It looks like even though you went over in some things, you were under in others!

Good luck this month!! :)

hklover86 said...

thanks! same to you!