Saturday, August 29, 2009

I want I want I want...

Theres a book I want to buy on Amazon called Bead on a's about making jewelry and its got really good reviews. The book is $15.63 and then the shipping is $8.98 (ridiculous!!!!!...but still cheaper than going and buying it at Chapters or something..) so it would be $24.61. I have $10 in gift cards from Swagbucks, and $4 in earnings from Amazon Mechanical Turk. But for some reason even though I click the option to apply my $4 earnings it doesn't show up that it took that $4 off when I see the final price? So I am going to email them to ask about that. Anyways right now it would cost $14.61. But I am only 2 swagbucks away from another $5 gift card so I am going to wait to get that and then order it! The only sucky part is it takes swagbucks about a week to give you the code!

Another thing I am really lusting after these days is a makeup item. It is Makeup Forever HD Microperfecting Primer. Here is the review I read that made me want to buy it. I can get it at work with my discount, but I am really trying to stop spending on makeup, atleast until November because I plan on going to IMATS in Toronto. IMATS stands for International Makeup Artists Trade Show. There is a few in various countries but I think its going to the be first one in Canada this coming November! Anyways its open to the public, the tickets are $30 and I am planning to go! I am mainly wanting to go for the shopping! Lots of companies are going to be there offering discounts. Apparently at the one in Los Angeles, Makeup Forever was offering 40% off so I think I am going to wait and hopefully get it there.

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