Sunday, September 27, 2009

An Imaginary Shopping Spree

One of my favourite things to do while bored is to window shop online. I love going to various sites and see what I would buy if I had the money. Today I checked out I think I might of heard of this place once before, but have never been to their website. This isnt really the type of place I would normally shop, as the prices are much higher than what I am normally willing to pay. But hey, this is imaginary right?

If I had a $500 gift card for Talbots, here are some ideas of what I would get:

Belted Plaid Coat - $269.00
I love coats that are bold and make somewhat of a statement. It's really classic and definately something I would wear.

Cashmere V-neck sweater $149.00
I've never owned anything cashmere but I think I should make it a goal to own a cashmere sweater one day.

Tweed Satchel $99
I just think this purse is super cute and love how its a different texture than what most people are carrying around.

If you like fashion blogs, check out, a trendy new blog from Talbots!

Ok so..I think I have gone over $500.00 with only 3 items! Like I said, I don't really spend this much money on clothes, but sometimes it's fun to think about what you would buy if you could.


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