Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More gift cards coming my way..

I may have mentioned this before, but I am a member of Lightspeed Panel. It's one of those sites where you fill out surveys and get points which you can redeem for prizes.

It's changed recently though, before there was not many choices, just cash through paypal, or amazon gift cards, and I think the minimum was $25. Recently they have added all these options! Now you can get gift cards for all kinds of places, as well as actual merchandise.

Right now I have 1475 points, and I already have so many options. For 1059 points I can get $10 through paypal, or for 1378 points, a $10 gift card for: Roots, Canadian Tire, Coles, Homesense, Old Navy, Galaxy Cinemas, Chapters, Winners, Suzy Sheir, and Amazon.ca.

And those are only the ones I like. There are so many more.

I don't know what to pick, I could go with Winners or Suzy Shier for new clothes, Canadian Tire for gas, or Amazon.ca to buy pretty much anything. Or just plain cash. Which is kind of boring.
I think I am going to wait though, until something comes up that I really need. Or save it until Christmas to use for Christmas shopping.

Incase anyone wanted more information, this site is pretty good IMO. I get emails atleast like 4-5 times a week, usually the surveys are about 75-150 points for about 20 mins. Or they SAY 20 mins, but it never takes me as long as they say because I breeze right through them.

I was going to post a referral link incase anybody wants to join, but I searched all through the site and I can't find one. :(

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