Monday, November 30, 2009

Officially Started Christmas Shopping

Well, Christmas is getting so close, its going to be here before I know it. I am feeling the pressure to get my shopping done. I am not really a fan of huge crowds so I really should not have left it until now. But I didn't know what to get anybody. But, so far I have come up with ideas for two members of my family and I am almost done shopping for one of them.

For my sisters I thought to get her some sweaters. I am always catching her wearing mine, and she always says she hardly has any! So I thought to myself, I need to get her some! I went to the mall the other day to Aeropostale, where all the sweaters were 50% off and I got her a pink zip up hoodie. It was regular $44.50 so I got it for $22.25. Not bad! I plan to get her atleast one more, and then maybe a cd or something also. She is a big music fanatic and always has a list of cd's she wants for Christmas.

Now onto my father. Lately he has been listening to my ipod a lot, and bugging me to charge it when the battery dies. He doesn't know the first thing about computers. I mentioned the idea to my mom of her and I splitting the cost of one for him. The nano's are only about $150 to $160 now so if I split it with my mom it's not bad. I could pre-load it with some songs from his favourite bands for him, and both my sister and I could charge it for him because we both have ipods. It did occur to me to get maybe a different kind of MP3 player, one thats cheaper but an ipod just seems easier because both my sister and I have one so we are familiar with using them and knowing the software etc. I'm hoping the go on sale sometime soon!!

P.S. I've started working on my presents for my co-workers, I am going with the charm idea. They are turning out really nicely and I am proud of them! I'll post pics once they are done.


Anonymous said...

For your father's iPod, there's an adapter you can get to plug it into the wall to charge instead of the pc. That way, as long as he's not constantly updating the actual play list, he can recharge it whenever he wants simply by plugging it into a wall socket. I got one of these for my mother when I sent her my old iPod... She didn't have a pc at the time so my brother loaded songs for her and she was able to recharge it whenever it got low.

hklover86 said...

Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that! LOL duh. Yes we could get him one of those as well. Of course that would up the cost a bit, I believe they are rather pricey? I'll have to check into it.
THanks Anon