Saturday, December 5, 2009

November Recap



Rent: $200/$200
Car payments:$236.48/$236.48
Car insurance:$215.33/$215.33
Gas: $70/$40
Cell phone: $68/$68
Groceries: $60/$112.28
Food at work: $50/62.22
Eating out: $50/$20.63
Personal Items: $50/$101.19
Clothing: $75/$9.33
Going out: $35.19/$43.00
Misc: $60/$124.10 (part of it is gifts)


Investing: $50/$50
Travel Fund: $0/$25

I spent more than I made this month. I have a feeling December might be the same because of Christmas. Last year I saved up all my Christmas spending money a few months before which was really awesome! This year because I have a car now it's a little more difficult to save. So I didn't really save any money for Christmas. Which means I am using my credit cards. I didn't plan this well!


The Asian Pear said...

well hopefully, January will be a quieter month and you can recover some of the money spent (as that's what I'm planning)

hklover86 said...

I was also thinking that!