Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Review

I dug up my 2009 goals on a previous post and thought I would comment on how I did with them

1. Pay off student loan.
PASS- had it paid off around the end of May 09.

2. Get in Shape
FAIL - didn't really do this at all. This is by far the one thing that I have the most trouble with.

3. Drink more water and make healthier food choices. Try to take food from home more often to work instead of buying food at work. This kinda goes with #2.
PASS - I still don't bring my lunch every day or eat healthy all the time, but the goal was to improve which I have.

4. Start an RRSP and maybe some other non-retirement investments.
PASS - I started an RSP with ING in the start of the year, and then I discovered that my work has an RSP plan, so now it's getting taken off my pay before tax, and the best part is I don't have to do anything, and its matched 25% by my work. Ok so 25% is not much but its still something! I also started mutual funds with ING which currently have about $400.

5. Keep tracking my spending and try my best to stick to my budget that I made.
PASS - I'm giving myself a pass on this one, even though I don't always stick to my budget, I have definately been keeping track of everything I spend my money on which was the whole point.

I think overall, I did really well with my 2009 goals!


The Asian Pear said...

4/5 is great. :)

I'm sure you'll do just as good for your 2010 goals.

Anonymous said...

A 25% match is great. Think of it - you are earning a 25% return on your money before it even earns any interest!

hklover86 said...

Yes, thats true!