Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally More Books :)

In keeping with my new years resolution to not pay full price for a single book, I went over to the used bookstore today. I didn't take note of how many books I brought with me but I think I brought about 8-10 books. They didn't accept two because they already had too many copies or too many by the author. I ended up with $20.50 credit ( $1 of which I had already). I got two books which came to $17.50 so I have $3 to spend still. The books I ended up taking are: Love in the Time of Cholera (Oprah's Book Club) and The Reader. The first is on my list of books to read, so that's another I can scratch off when finished. :)

Then I popped over to Costco which is always risky because the deals can be so enticing. I mainly went to get these grilled chicken strips which I really like. They are pre-cooked and you can keep them in the freezer and microwave them when you are ready to eat. I like to use them for salad, or wraps. I also ending up getting the new Special K Satisfaction cereal because they had a jumbo sized box for $4.99 and it looked really good. Verdict: It IS good. Especially with bananas. I also got bagels because I've never tried their bagels and I got a pack of two Maidenform bras for $22. The clothing deals were awesome as always and I really wanted to buy more. They had really nice yoga type pants from Mexx, Nike, and Adidas, and Calvin Klein and Tommy jeans, all around 20-something bucks. In the end I just got the bras, because I actually did need more seeing as I only have like 2 good ones and the box had a hole in it so you could feel them, and they are really soft :)

Oh, and what did I do with my $94 GST deposit? Put it towards my credit card, which I racked up a bit from Christmas. What did you guys do with yours?


Canadian Saver said...

I don't want to pay out-of-pocket for books in 2010... I should visit the used book store more (I do go to the library a lot and I love

I am putting my GST cheque in my vacation fund :-)

paranoidasteroid said...

Love in the Time of Cholera was one of the best books I read last year. Hope you enjoy it!

hklover86 said...

Thanks for the comments guys! And thank you for the website Cdn Saver I am going to check it out.

Elle said...

Hey where do you sell your books? Can they give you cash instead of credit? :)

Anonymous said...

Are you in the US? I couldn't recall from where I came from. But I am part of a club called Paperback Swap. Books only cost around 3.00 only for shipping via media mail in the US. If you're in Canada I'm sure there are similar groups!