Thursday, February 18, 2010

Needs vs Wants

I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon here and making a list of needs and wants like all the other bloggers seem to be doing these days!

  • new glasses. I last got my eyes tested almost 5 years ago. My glasses were originally prescribed to be used in situations that put strain on my eyes such as reading, using the computer, driving at night, etc. Ever since I started working in pharmacy I found that I would get a headache almost every day if I didn't wear my glasses. So I started wearing them every day at work. Now that I've been wearing them, I NEED them! When I am sitting on the couch at home, I cannot read the print on the tv guide channel without my glasses (well I can if I look really hard but its not clear) nor can I tell what time it says on the HD cable box thing. I find it kind of scary! I used to have excellent eye sight!!!
    Cost: exam- $80-120 depending on the place. (not covered) Glasses: at least $150-$200 dollars out of pocket. I figured the glasses will be about $200-$300 total ( my current ones were $230 almost 5 years ago) and I will get re-imbursed $100 from my benefits.
  • New computer. My laptop is almost 6 years old which is ancient for a computer! It is a SONY Vaio which I love dearly. This thing has been through a lot with me and its still going strong! (knock on wood). I have only had 2 major problems with it in the time that I had it. At just about the 3 yr mark, I had a shaky screen and a problem with the computer over-heating and turning itself off. Luckily I had the extended warranty so I got a brand new screen and they fixed whatever was causing the over-heating. Then about a year ago it crashed. I think it was a virus. My friends boyfriend fixed it and he said probably the only reason it lasted me so long was cause its a Sony. I silently thanked my mother for insisting on a Sony because "its a brand that's been around forever so I trust it", even though it was expensive by todays standards ($1799!!) For this reason, I am seriously considering a Sony again. I think I might get another year out of this, tops.
  • Haircut. My hair is pretty long right now, and as much as I kinda like it, I also think its a bit of a hassle. Especially in the winter with the frizz. It's also a hassle in the summer with the heat and the sweat issue. So I guess its kind of a hassle all year round! I'm not really good with hair styling, I usually just either throw it up or straighten it, and I do a little braiding here and there. Part of me just wants to go to one of those cheapy places because I just want a few inches cut off and some layers. How can you screw that up right? But I also kind of have a fear of going to those places. So..I probably wont. That will be about $50.
  • Nice black shoes. I want a pair of nice black semi-dressy shoes with a small heel/wedge, the kind that are versatile so you can wear them with anything. I want to be able to put them with almost any outfit to dress it up, something I can wear out to the bar and dance and look stylish enough but not kill me. I would be willing to spend about $40-$50. The picture below is an idea of what I am looking for.
Hmmm, I can't seem to think of more than one thing that I really NEED right now.. I guess thats a good thing right??


Anonymous said...

Ooooh.. A pink laptop... Heaven! lol!! The shoes are cute too! :) Now you've got me thinking what our needs/wants are.. Hmmm...

Rina the Mama Bear said...

I am SO with you on the new glasses. We just ordered ours from Zenni ($50 for my scrip glasses and a replacement set of frames for hubby!) and I cannot WAIT till they get here!!!

PS - about the job, I'm not sure! Send me an email if you'd like the company name, and you could contact them about it?