Monday, February 15, 2010


So being a super huge Olympic fan I had to make at least one post about them. Did you all watch the Opening Ceremonies on Friday?? I did! I worked till 9 so I missed the first little bit and when I got home it was when the athletes were starting to march out, and I thought "oh god..this is going to take forever" but it didn't take quite as long as I thought, and I felt such a sense of pride when the Canadian team came out and the crowd went nuts! And then all the cool stuff was after that.

Anyways the exciting news is that we won our first gold medal!! It was our first gold medal on our own turf, so it was very monumental for Canada. It was a skier named Alexandre Bilodeau. It was so exciting! And I think he is pretty cute too :)

Of course the most exciting thing is hockey! Everyone is rooting for Canada to get the gold. A lot of people are predicting that it will be Canada vs US for the mens gold. How nerve wracking would that be??

I went to Walmart the other night and found this cute little Team Canada bracelet and I had to have it. I'm totally going to show my support by wearing it all the time!!

YAY!! I'm so proud to be Canadian right now!!

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The Asian Pear said...

Actually, my bet for the top 4 countries are: Canada, Russia, Finland and Sweden. USA aren't even on the list.