Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Let me start by saying Happy Easter everyone! I hope everybody has enjoyed their long weekend ( or NOT so long weekend if you worked like me!). I worked the entire weekend (Fri to Sun) and I am so tired! On the up side, I will be getting paid extra for Friday so I am looking forward to that on my next pay. I am also looking forward to the next long weekend which I wont have to work - the Victoria day long weekend :)

So what is new with me since I last posted? Well, not too much really! Lately I have been thinking about my job a lot and realizing that it may soon be time to move on. I am comfortable in my job - I know how to do it, I am good at it, I know what is and isn't expected of me, and I love my co-workers. But I do not make much money, and I am getting tired of retail. I signed up for an online job fair later this month! I am not really sure what to think or expect of it though. When I registered I wasn't thinking of finding a new job per say, just networking and getting advice. I think I would like to start looking for a new job by the end of the year. I am not in a huge rush though, summer is coming and I definately want to take advantage of my paid vacation.

Tomorrow I am going to call Toyota because my car is getting close to the 60,000 km mark. This is when one of the warranties is up. It it just the "bumper to bumper" warranty, all the more important parts are still covered for a long time but I want to ensure everything is in perfect working condition before I hit the mark. I have about 300km to go but I know it's going to add up fast, and I plan on going away in two weeks so I need it done by then.

I also am thinking of getting a hair cut. My hair is probably the longest its ever been and to be honest its just too much hair! I have really thick hair and when it's this long it just gets in the way and is really more trouble than its worth!

I have decided to start doing regular posts about my "favourite things". I have been taking pictures of all my favourite things I own such as: beauty products that I use all the time, my favourite books, articles of clothing, etc. So I will regularly post them one by one and talk about why I love that product so much! I am thinking once a week or so.


The Asian Pear said...

looking forward to seeing the favourite things posts. :D

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