Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting out of my comfort zone

Ok so I meant to blog about this when it happened and then I forgot. Forgive me!!
I wanted to tell you guys about a neat experience I had. One day I was browsing Kijiji and I decided to look in the "friends" section or whatever it's called. Anyways I found this ad for this ladies group. I guess a woman in my city started this group that's just for like women out there who want to meet other women. Some are in my situation where they just don't really know a lot of people in our city, some are women who are finding themselves as "the last single one" know what I mean, where it seems like all your friends are married and/or have kids and they just don't have the same priorities anymore. Or some are moms who want to meet other moms to have playdates and share parenting tips.

Anyways I checked out the website and ended up joining. Its just like facebook only its all women. You have a "status" and "wall" etc. Same idea. And people post "events" that they are planning.

Anyways I went to a movie night at this one girls house. There was maybe 10 of us I think. Everyone brought a movie ( the idea was that we would vote on what to watch) and some food. We actually didn't end up watching a movie because for most of us it was our first time at an "event" so we just ended up chatting and eating! I was really nervous going there...and for some reason I didn't want to tell my parents that I was going out to meet with some people I met online..LOL I said I was meeting a friend or something. Anyways it was so great, and not weird at all. It was like we already knew each other and were instantly chatting like friends. Plus since there was a few of us first timers there, we were in the same boat. There was women of different ages, some of us were twenty-somethings, and I think some women were in their 30's and there might of been 1 or 2 that were 40 or so. But we all had one thing in common (being that we wanted to meet other women) so it was great! I'm really glad that I went and I definitely plan on going to more of these events in the future and I think that I could have some new friends out of this!


Elle said...

Hey that's great! I never thought i would look for friends online but I actually found the website about a month ago after getting sick and tired of always hanging out with my husband's university friends (they all work at the same company) who are all single guys! I left all my friends and family back home when I moved to the states from Toronto so I really needed to find some girl friends.. Such a great site!! I already have a whole bunch of girl friends to hang out with now :)

Girl Makes Cents said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I would be extremely nervous too but I think it would be a good experience. I am from a small town and don't have a lot of girl friends left in it so that would be awesome.

Dolly Iris said...

Cool! I need more female friends. Good for you for putting yourself out there.