Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More great deals

So here is the rest of the stuff I got the same day that I went to Coach. I actually didn't take a picture of everything, just my favourite items.

This is my sweater from Campus Crew. These sweaters look great on everyone and they are so super soft. They are the best hoodie in my opinion. They are also fairly pricey so when I saw that the whole store was 40% off, I had to get one. It was regular $64.99 and I paid $38.99. I also got a really nice dark purple t-shirt that was regular $29.99 (who pays that for a tshirt anyway?) for $17.99.

These pants are from Tommy Hilfiger. They are a white background with navy vertical stripes. They were $59.99 and I thought they were on sale ( I read the sign wrong). I ended up buying them anyways, because I loved them and I'm trying to go for more quality these days. They are also pretty different from most of the other stuff that is out there, and the nautical look is very in right now (and I'm a big fan). I also got an aqua coloured polo for $20 which was regular $40. I can't wait to wear these new pants, but I have to possibly get my mom to hem them first.

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