Monday, April 25, 2011

My 1st Coach purchase! my so called "shopping ban" (where I replaced shopping for clothes with buying concert tickets) I did some major spending this weekend. Like, where I might take money out of savings to pay off my credit card. Or, since I have an extra pay day this month, I might not. Not sure yet. Anyways....I thought I would share with you guys my purchases.

So the spending started with my first ever Coach purchase. A mall in a nearby town just got a Coach outlet store and I had to check it out. So my co-worker and I went and waited in line for 30 mins to get in. BTW, first time I have ever waited in shop. Very interesting.

I ended up walking away with a Coach wallet for $100. The regular retail price at a normal store is $228 plus tax and mine was $100 including tax. So, I guess its a good price (not as cheap as in the US though!) but it's still the most I ever paid for a wallet. In fact, I could of got a whole purse for that much, but I didn't really see any purses I wanted, and I have been searching for a new wallet for a long time. Plus, at least a wallet is something practical that I use every day. I don't switch up wallets like I do purses.

It's pretty simple and classic, not that exciting I know!

That's not it! I did buy more stuff but that will be in another post. Hope you all had a great easter weekend, I did not. May elaborate on that later.


Counting all my stars and saving it said...

Ohh no you have tempted me to go look for a Coach outlet in my area. I live near a few just never had the chance to visit one, if I knew they were that cheap I would have tracked one down a long time ago. I'm a huge Coach fan and have been getting all my fix at a reg Coach store darn..

Congrats on your new find its gorgeous!

Well Heeled Blog said...

Congrats on the big purchase. I love wallets - I think they are worth spending on because you (or at least I) use the same one all the time, whereas you can have several different purses.

amy kelinda said...

Nice wallet! I love the black and canvas motif -- and $100 for a Coach wallet isn't a bad deal at all, even in the U.S.! I had the same Fossil wallet for 5 years before I finally bought a new Kate Spade one a month ago... for $200. YIKES.

(totally worth it, though)

The Asian Pear said...

Nice buy! I love Coach myself. :)