Sunday, May 1, 2011

Maybe I should shop at Zellers more often?

The other day my mom wanted to go to Zellers to check something out and I went along. After this little trip I found myself wondering why I don't shop there more often. For one thing, its not very busy. It's nice to be able to shop and browse without worrying about people getting in your way. Another reason - the sales! Pretty much all the clothing was 25% off, and the stuff that was on clearance was an additional 40% off! But seeing as I had just bought a bunch of clothes I told myself no more. But I did manage to pick up two pieces of jewelry.

The ring was marked down to $4 and the earrings were I think $7.97 and they were 25% off. I thought that was a great price but when I got to the cash they were both $3!!
I also noticed a lot of footwear on sale as well. Basically the sales were great. Just as good as Walmart, maybe even better. I think I will definitely keep this in mind next time I want to go shopping!


psychsarah said...

You're lucky you found something nice there. I stopped going because the store was always a mess, I couldn't find anything I was looking for, and I could never find any staff to help me. Perhaps it deserves another try..

The Asian Pear said...

I like Zellers but like Psychsarah said... It's a hit and miss.

In about 2 more years though, almost all the Zellers are becoming Targets. I'm excited about that. :D