Saturday, June 11, 2011

Slight Dilemma

I recently got invited to a wedding that I was 100% sure I was NOT invited to. This was very surprising to me because I haven't talked to this girl in years. We were friends in high school and have seen each other in group settings every now and then since, but we are't close or anything. My dilemma is that there is no way I am going to her stag and doe, wedding shower, and wedding. Reasons are:

  • I don't really want to (and can't afford) to buy a shower present and a wedding present.
  • I don't really want to book off all this time for someone that I am not really close with when I could be using time off to spend with other friends who I am closer to.
  • It kinda irks me that she sends me an invite and I only have 3 weeks to respond. I thought maybe she only invited me cause space freed up but I know other people who havent gotten theirs yet either so it turns out she is just really not organized.
  • Reasons for going to the wedding or shower is that I would see other girls I haven't seen for a long time and it would be kinda cool to be together as a group again..I feel there is a better chance of this happening at the shower/wedding than the stag and doe as those are more important.
So I'm 99% sure I don't want to go to the wedding, so I am just deciding if I should go to the stag and doe, or the shower, or both of those. What do you guys think??


FB @ said...

Go to the one that you think is more important and personal. S&D or the shower.

Anonymous said...

Don't do anything that you are not 100% sure that is good for you.

Anonymous said...

I'd be tempted to skip both and reach out to the girls that are in town that you haven't seen in awhile and see if they want to get together after the shower (that's assuming that the bride isn't part of the group of girls you want to see - otherwise that could be a little awkward!).

Daisy said...

I would probably pick one and go to just the one. I hate spending money on people I'm not close to, haha! Would you invite her to your wedding?

Actually, no. I'm lying. I probably wouldn't go to any.

Renee said...

If it was my wedding I would rather have you at the shower. That way you could buy me a gift and someone else would be footing the bill for your food :)