Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Loves and miscellaneous

One of my favourite things about summer is garage sale-ing!!! When my mom and I both have a Saturday off we will get up early and drive around to garage sales in our area of town, usually pre-planned by looking at the classifieds in the local paper. We are not those early birds who go out at 7 or 8 am we usually go out around 9 or so.

This past Saturday was the first garage sale day for us this year and I found something great! As some of you may know from previous posts, I adore Hello Kitty. I collect Hello Kitty items, like stuffed dolls and things. I'm not one of those crazy people, I only have maybe like 10 items max. I found this adorable BUILD-A-BEAR Hello Kitty doll in mint condition. If you have ever been inside a Build-a-bear store you would know that by the time you pick out your doll and add clothing etc it can be well over $50. I got this HK doll for $1!!!

Another thing I love about summer is ice cream :) Presidents Choice has this awesome line of ice creams with soo many flavours! They were on sale for $3 so I picked up Chocolate peanut butter (pictured) and Sprinkle party cake which is basically vanilla with sprinkles and pieces of vanilla cake inside. Its amazing!

I've decided to get a summer project after being inspired by this blog. I'm going to find an item of furniture at a thrift store or garage sale such as a dresser, chair, desk, etc and make it my project to paint it and fix it up nice! I may start my search tomorrow.

On a financial note, I just switched my car insurance today! My policy renewal date is June 30th. My current company gave me a renewal rate of $2600 for the year and the company I switched to is $21oo. So I am saving myself $500 for the year. :)


Little Miss Paige said...

I love HK too! Did you know they have a HK car? Seriously so cute.

Congratulations on saving money. Doesn't that feel SO good?!

Have a good one :)

Girl Makes Cents said...

That ice cream is amazing! I haven't tried the cake kind yet but I saw it in stores and debated getting some! PC defintiely makes the best ice cream!