Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Collective Haul: Shiseido Warehouse Sale and Lisa's Cosmetics

At the request of the girl who writes "My Money, My life" I am showing you guys my hauls from the 2 warehouse sales I went to recently. Both sales were in Markham, Ontario and literally a few blocks from one another which is why it's a shame they were not at the same time. Both of them are held twice a year in May and November and usually within a week of one another.

So the first one I went to was the Shiseido warehouse sale. They also have NARS and Orlane, a few Joico products and a hair care line called "Evolve"and also some fragrances which I didn't really take note of. I went on the Sunday which was the last day. It was held until 3pm and I went around 1pm because I was hoping it would be less busy and I was right. No line up to get in and really no line up at the cash either. So here is what I got:

-White Lucent Brightening Protective Moisturizer: $30
( I couldn't find this online to get a retail price, the closest I found was the Brightening Protective Cream which was $68)
-Purifying Foam Cleanser $6 for 50 ml, full size of 125ml is $38
-Perfect Refining Foundation $15 (retail $42)
--Dual Balancing Foundation $15 (retail $42)

I tried the cleanser a few times and I don't like it. It gives your skin that weird feeling afterwards as if you just used a bar of soap, you know what I mean? Glad I only bought the trial size. It seems that the foundations were some of the best deals. I have tried both and both are really good! The Dual Balancing One is the one I go to the most, but both are great.

Evolve Hair Care:
-Finishing Spray
-Stay Soft Shampoo and Conditioner
-Healthy Scalp Shampoo (for dry scalp)
All of these were $3 each

Total for this sale including tax $88

Ok next up is the Lisa's Cosmetics Sale. This sale is great because it is held over a span of a few weeks so there is many chances to go. I went yesterday after work because it was open until 8pm. I figured it would be less busy because its a week night. It was still pretty busy and I had to park across the street, but they have guys waving you over and showing you where to go which is great. I got there around 4pm and there was no line up. This was my second time going. The first time I went on a Saturday morning and waited almost 3 hours in line.
This sale is STILL HAPPENING so if you want to go check out Lisa's Cosmetics website for the information.
Here is my haul:

Cargo Pro Picks Collection $9.99 (retail $39)

-Essentials Cleansing Water (small size) and Essentials 1st Wrinkles Eye Cream (full size): They came together for $6. Retail price is $14.50 for the cleansing water (bigger size though) and $27.50 for the eye cream! Good steal!
-Makeup remover $4.50 (retail $12.50)
-Multiuse pressed powder $2.49 (retail $16.95 approx)
I almost bought this at retail price in the summer so I was pretty stoked to find it!
-Rouge Vitality lipstick in Vintage Red: $2.49 (retail $10.25)

-Annabelle Le Gloss: $1.99 (retail about $9.49)
--Revlon Eyebrow gel $1.99
-Sally Hansen tweezers $1.99 (needed new ones anyway)

-Joico Renu Hair primer: $4.99 (retail approx $17)
It says its good for pre-styling and my Tresemme flat iron spray just ran out.
-Iso bouncy Creme: $3.99 (retail approx $8-10 not sure)
For enhancing your natural curls. Always looking to try different curling products!

Burberry Touch for my mom: $25 for 1oz
Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy for my sis: $22 for 100ml

I am a little annoyed at myself because I just saw the Britney Spears at Shoppers on clearance for $19.99!! Of course I had no idea it was going to be on clearance, I don't really know my fragrances well as I am not a huge fragrance person. The regular price said $59 so its still a good price I'm just a little annoyed about it. lol. This is why you need to KNOW YOUR PRICES!

I also got for my sister a few nail polishes for 99 cents, a marcelle powder like mine, a lip gloss and makeup remover. So I'm going to find a cute little basket and some nice stuff to wrap it in.

Cute little clutch for $20
This is probably the biggest "splurge" because I really have no idea how much this is normally but it was cute and I thought why not.

I was actually a little disappointed because almost nothing on my list was left when I got there. I was hoping to stock up on Marcelle toner but there was no full size ones. I also wanted to stock up on facial wipes, either the Marcelle or Annabelle ones. Last time I got Red Earth ones and they were great but this time I saw no wipes at all except for some random Olay ones which didn't seem like a great price. I have never used any Annabelle products before and had quite a few things I wanted to try but all I got was the lip gloss.

Some other things they had at this sale are: Elizabeth Arden, Smashbox, designer sunglasses, purses, socks, belts, and a lot of random drug store stuff like dove hair care, olay etc. It's all on the website that I posted the link to.

So overall at this sale I spent $134 including tax. The breakdown is about $68 for myself and the rest gifts for others. I feel a little guilty showing you guys cause I have been spending so much lately!


My money, my life said...

Thanks for showing us your haul. I love seeing what other people get from the places I visit! Wow you did great. I don't know how you resisted the would-be nice things at the Shiseido sale. I've been twice, and both times, I bought maybe $100 worth of actual stuff I needed, and $100 of impulsive buy of stuff I just saw and couldn't resist! NARS cosmetics for 75% off? yes please!

I use the white luscent moisturizer as well and it's great. I'm surprised that it was so quiet when you went. Last time I went it was a sunday as well but people were pushing and shoving around the moisturizer bins like mad. Some people bought boxes and boxes of stuff. Insane!

hklover86 said...

I also love seeing other people's purchases which is why I did it for you! lol
I had a few NARS items in mind, but they were not there so I didnt get anything. I figured I would be more into the makeup at Lisa's which is why I didnt get that much at the Shiseido one.
Oh there was still pushing when I went to the Shiseido one but still less busy overall. Last time I waited 20 mins in line(still not bad) but closer to 1 hour at the cash line. This time no lineup for either really which was great.
Are you going to Lisa's this year?

FB @ said...

Love this. :D :D :D I'm such a snoop....