Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Financial Milestones

I'm copying Michelle from Making Sense of Cents with this list but I thought it was really cool so heres mine:

  • Finance a dream vacation…in cashCHECK. Well I haven't gone yet, but my trip to Portugal in July will be paid for in cash,I've already paid the flight and the rest is just spending money which I have saved. 
  • Pay off your student loans. CHECK I paid them off almost 4 years ago! :)
  • Automate paying your credit card bill in full. I sometimes pay in full, sometimes not. 
  • Get rid of all bad debt. Right now I just have my car which is about $6600 so it won't be much longer. 
  • Build an adequate emergency fund. CHECK
  • Make your first, and last, investment mistake. um, my investments are pretty much all RRSPs right now so I don't think any of that has been a mistake. lol. Not really sure what else to write on this one.
  • Develop a statement of cash flows. Is it sad that I'm not sure what the term means? If it means to know how much money I have in all my accounts, I pretty much know that at all times in my head. 
  • Max out a Roth & Contribute to your 401(k). We don't have that in Canada. But I contribute what I can to RRSP's, but no I don't contribute the maximum. 
  • Get a degree or certification that increases your earning power. I am currently working on this and will be done by spring 2013.
  • Take a career risk. I haven't done that yet, I'm on my 2nd pharmacy job and this one I could see myself there for a long time.
  • Negotiate something. CHECK (when I bought my car)
  • Earn your first side grand. CHECK. Accomplished that within a few months of starting my second job (its the main reason why I am gong to portugal)
  • Start a sub-savings account for an upcoming financial goal. CHECK I have already done this numerous times, for portugal, for exams, for emergency fund, etc etc
  • Set a target retirement date. Haven't done that yet. 
  • Monitor your credit. .....sadly I have never checked my credit. I KNOW its bad. I'll do it. I promise.
  • Say no to a financial salesman. CHECK. All the time.
  • Give just enough to make it hurt. Haven't ever really donated a lot of money
  • Invest $1 for every $1 you spend. No I definitely don't invest that much. 
  • Start a 529 College Savings Plan. Is that for your kids?? I don't have any.
  • Buy a house.  hopefully before I'm 30!
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    Michelle P said...

    Looks like you're doing good!