Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Spending and a small warehouse sale haul!

Here is what I spent from May 11-17

11th: $50.63 Walmart ( $39.51 moms day gift, $11.12 groceries)
12th: $34.29 Zehrs  ($21. 47 Joe fresh jewellery on clearance, and $12.82 groceries), $35 gas
13th: no spend day!
14th: no spend day!
15th: $0.70 juice on lunch break
16th: no spend day!
17th: $1.94 Tims french vanilla

Total: $26.58 food, $39.41 gifts and $35 gas

I did so much better this week in terms of buying more groceries  and bringing my lunch to work which is ultimately cheaper and better for me!

Now for my small haul. The Revlon/J&J warehouse sale comes to my city now which is kinda cool. It was here last time but I didn't bother to go. This time I wanted to check it out, so I headed over before work today. I really had no expectations because I knew they probably wouldn't have that much. I did manage to score a few items though.

1. SpaResource Sole Saver $3
Its some sort of thermal sock thing to make your feet really soft. Thought it seemed interesting and good for getting my feet summer ready!
2. Vaseline Soothing Hand Cream $4
3. Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream $4
Ive always been curious if any of these Veet products actually work and I thought for 4 bucks why not?
4. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in "ruby"$3
Another red for my collection
5. Revlon nail polishes 3 for $5
The colours I got are a nice coral/orage ("Make Mine Mango"), pale yellow ("sunshine sparkle") and bright pink ("guava")

I'm off this weekend and my plans are: drinking wine, painting my nails and toenails, hopefully visiting a friend, maybe a little shopping at Old Navy ( heard they're having a massive sale on tanks, figured its a good time to stock up on the basics), a BBQ with coworkers, and just relaxing in general. 

What have you got planned this weekend?

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